Hardware and Software Sales

Pre-emptive Strike delivers the most competetive, flexible and high-quality hardware and software licencing needs for your business .

We source and provide cost-effective solutions for all computer needs, big and small. From personal computers through to custom-built secure servers, we source top quality products, install them, and back them up with excellent service.

Choosing the best tools for your organisation can be challenging and risky - especially when it is often clouded with tech jargon. Your choice can have a big impact to your company’s productivity and bottom line. There are many questons you may need to consider: Is it beneficial to our business operations? Can I save cost? Can it protect our business data? What is the best fit for our organisation?

Trust us to answer these and other questions honestly and take care of your hardware and software concerns to provide you with a system that fits YOUR needs.

Our experience, expertise and trading partnerships are our foundation to help your business run smoothly and strategically.

Our Trusted Brands

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