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About PlexusPOS

The plexus2 POS Client allows you to enter sales using the software equivalent of a point-of-sales till that connects directly to your web site database. This user-friendly facility allows you to select the customer (optional), items included in the sale, and amounts paid via one or more payment methods. Up to 18 special-purpose buttons can be configured to enter commonly-sold items directly. Receipts can be produced on the connected printer of your choice. Tax invoices and sales summaries can be produced using the web site administration facilities. The plexus2 POS Client software can be installed on the desktop or laptop computer of your choice. All receipts, tax invoices and reports are customised with your logo and contact details and can be exported in a variety of formats, including the Portable Document Format (PDF), which is useful for sending copies to customers.

PlexusPOS Screen Layout

Comprehensive Point-of-Sale (POS) Platform

plexus2 POS delivers a comprehensive platform for servicing your point-of-sale requirements, with integrated support for:

  • multi-terminal point-of-sale, with optional touch-screens, cash drawers, bar code scanners, receipt printers and page printers
  • products and services, with associated categories and price groups
  • suppliers
  • manufacturers
  • customers
  • miscellaneous contacts
  • contact groups
  • security groups
  • consultants
  • tax codes and percentages
  • smart buttons for quick entry of common sale items
  • detailed recording of sales
  • multiple methods of payment for each sale
  • tracking of payments
  • printing of receipts and tax invoices
  • sales reports
  • stock-taking templates

Multiple, Multi-Purpose Access Points

The plexus2 POS Administration Console runs on your favourite Internet browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Internet Explorer). The Administration Console provides a complete set of facilities for you to manage the items that you are selling, produce sales reports and configure your installation.

The plexus2 POS Client provides the point-of-sale interface through which sales and payments are recorded. It can be installed on any Microsoft Windows computer running Microsoft .NET 4.0 Runtime or later. (However, for security reasons, Microsoft Windows 7 or later is recommended.)

All data is stored centrally and securely on a single computer and can be accessed via the Administration Console and/or the POS Client from any other authorised computer on your local area network. For smaller installations, both components can be installed on the same computer. As your requirements grow, computers can be added to the network to support additional staff.

In busy locations, multiple POS Clients can even be run simultaneously on the same computer to allow multiple consultants to manage separate sales independently.

Flexible Configuration

The Administration Console allows you to configure your plexus2 POS installation. Using the Site - Properties form you can define the key properties of your site, including its name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and logo, that will appear on all receipts, tax invoices and reports.

Using the companion E-Commerce - Properties form, you can select the methods of payment that you will accept.

Other options allow you to manage:

  • products and services (“items”) that you sell, including their associated categories, price groups, suppliers and manufacturers;
  • customers, sales consultants and other contacts, including the groups to which they belong and their security classifications;
  • tax codes and percentages; and
  • definitions of special action buttons and POS Client settings, and the schedule on which these are to take effect.

Tax Invoices and Reports

plexus2 POS provides a wide range of tax invoices and reports in a variety of formats and widths to suit different types of printers. Less-detailed reports, such as sales receipts and summaries, can be produced on your receipt printer, with the more complex reports left to your A4 page printer.
The list of reports available expands regularly and includes:

  • itemised and summary sales receipts
  • tax invoices
  • period sales summaries by payment method or consultant
  • period itemised sales, optionally by consultant
  • period sales totals by payment method, consultant, category or item
  • daily reconciliations by category
  • customer account statements
  • stock-take templates
  • catalogues of products and services

Reports can also be exported in a variety of formats, including PDF and Microsoft Excel.

By combining and automating sequences of tasks that you perform frequently, plexusPOS allows you to focus more of your time on outcomes and less on the mechanics required to produce them.

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